Rwanda Muteteli

Processing method: washed
Screen: 15+
Region: Nyamashenke
Growth height: 1700-2200 m
Rating: 83

Notes of cherries, dried fruits, figs and dark chocolate with bright ripe acidity

Rwanda is a country rich in fertile lands. It is located at a relatively high altitude, the lowest mark is 950 meters above sea level. The landscape of the central part of the country is characterized by hilly terrain, swamps and sunny savannas predominate in the east.

Rwanda Muteteli coffee is a blend of three regions: Western, Northern and Southern Rwanda. Each region is good for coffee production in its own way. In the west, near the border with the Congo, next to Lake Kivu is the Alberta Rift. The rift mountain forests are home to many rare animals and birds.

It is not as hot here during the day as in the eastern part of the country, the external conditions for coffee production are quite mild. The Kanyege washing processing Station is located in this region. 1,200 local small farmers bring coffee here. The second processing station, Karisimbi, is located in the green hills of the Gikumbi district in the Northern Province. The third station — Gitega Hills - is located in the most populous Southern Province, it was founded in 2015.

How to store?

In branded, tightly closed packaging at room temperature. Avoid contact with light, heat and moisture. Short-term storage in a glass or ceramic jar with a tightly closed lid is allowed. Sealed (unopened) packaging is recommended to be stored in the freezer at a temperature of -18℃

Do not store coffee in the refrigerator: low cooling temperature, foreign odors and possible condensation will quickly spoil the coffee!

Cooking methods:
  • Aeropress
  • Geyser Coffee Maker
  • Drip Coffee Maker
  • Chemex
  • Pour over
  • Turk
  • French Press
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