Blend Cappucino

Thick body with pronounced notes of caramel. The aftertaste is long, intense, with hints of bitter chocolate and citrus hints.

Espresso is a blend of 70% Arabica from Brazil and 30% Robusta from Uganda

A mixture of Arabica and robusta, which is perfectly balanced and has a unique ratio of sweetness and bitterness, a pleasant sourness and aroma with hints of bread.

Cappuccino blend is a universal option that will refresh any coffee break and will appeal to everyone, since there are no special pronounced characteristics that could be "someone's taste".

The cream of the drink is thick and elastic, and there are hints of walnut in the aftertaste. This is a mixture for when you just want to drink a good balanced coffee that will suit everyone.

How to store?

In branded, tightly closed packaging at room temperature. Avoid contact with light, heat and moisture. Short-term storage in a glass or ceramic jar with a tightly closed lid is allowed. Sealed (unopened) packaging is recommended to be stored in the freezer at a temperature of -18℃

Do not store coffee in the refrigerator: low cooling temperature, foreign odors and possible condensation will quickly spoil the coffee!

Cooking methods:
  • Espresso machine
  • Turk
  • French Press
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