Blend Premium

Espresso-a blend of 100% Arabica from Brazil and Colombia

Bright floral notes, peach and caramel. Bright acidity and high sweetness.
Recommendations for the preparation of Americano and espresso.:

Premium Blend is a mixture of three varieties of Arabica from Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia, and in this combination, grains from each country bring something different. The balance and expressiveness of Colombian coffee is combined with the smooth taste of coffee from Brazil, coffee from Ethiopia has floral notes.

Medium roasting of the grains reveals the natural sweetness and you get an interesting drink with a great taste. Soft coffee with aromas of spices and apricot, taste notes of dry white wine and gooseberry, light body and creamy aftertaste is a mixture to enjoy.

Since the climate and cultivation methods in these regions are very different — in Colombia coffee trees grow on mountain slopes, in Brazil plantations are located on plains, coffee in Ethiopia is grown at an altitude of up to 2200 meters above sea level. - arabica varieties have their own bright taste characteristics. The result of combining them in one mixture was a mild-tasting coffee with a light body and a sweet aroma.

How to store?

In branded, tightly closed packaging at room temperature. Avoid contact with light, heat and moisture. Short-term storage in a glass or ceramic jar with a tightly closed lid is allowed. Sealed (unopened) packaging is recommended to be stored in the freezer at a temperature of -18℃

Do not store coffee in the refrigerator: low cooling temperature, foreign odors and possible condensation will quickly spoil the coffee!

Cooking methods:
  • Aeropress
  • Geyser Coffee Maker
  • Drip Coffee Maker
  • Chemex
  • Pour over
  • Turk
  • French Press
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