Royal mango 50 g

The combination of Chinese green tea and pineapple slices, which has already become traditional, is complemented by a scattering of red rose and calendula petals, framed by the sonorous aroma of mango.

The tea looks delicious both in dry form and in brewed, the muted tone of the green leaves harmoniously fits into the ensemble of yellow fruits, orange and pink petals.

Original and taste. The soft, not at the same time tart base of Sencha green tea is filled with the pleasant aromatic sweetness of tropical fruits. Flower petals in the background add sophistication.

Tea is associated with summer, warmth and a positive attitude.
The amber hue of the finished drink beckons and fascinates.

Chinese Sencha green tea, pineapple slices, red rose petals, calendula petals, mango flavor.

Amount of tea: 2 teaspoons
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 85-90 C
Brewing time: 2-5 minutes

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