Milk Oolong 50 g

Also, this drink is also called milk oolong. Only young leaves are used to make tea. Ideally, the two upper young leaves and the upper bud are cut off. The leaves are amenable to weak fermentation, thanks to proper processing, it turns out to achieve a milky-spicy aroma and excellent taste. The finished dry collection consists of leaves twisted into tight balls that open during brewing. The aroma of this oolong has versatility and sophistication, reminiscent of spicy freshness, with herbal and floral notes. It also has a pronounced creamy vanilla and milky aroma. The taste is filled with a special sweetness, not bitter. The finished drink is perfectly combined with oriental sweets. The color of the finished drink is golden. It can be brewed up to 5 times, with each new brewing, new taste qualities are revealed.

Amount of tea: 3-5 g
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 90-95 C
Brewing time: 1-3 minutes

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