Strawberries with cream, green 50g

The aroma of strawberries freshly picked directly from the garden, drowning in cream, will capture with its brightness and velvety, intensifying with every second against the background of the soft taste of Sencha and Gunpowder green teas.

Chinese green tea looks beautiful against the background of reddish pieces of strawberries with yellow and orange petals.

No less magical drink and taste. Tart notes of green tea from the Middle Kingdom are perfectly combined with ripe fragrant strawberries.

The mood of serenity and lightness will be given by just one cup of such a drink with a green-amber hue.

Green Chinese Sencha tea, Green Chinese Gunpowder tea, strawberry slices, safflower petals, calendula petals, strawberry flavor with cream.

Amount of tea: 2 teaspoons
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 85-90 C
Brewing time: 1-3 minutes

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