Matcha Green 50 g

Matcha green tea (抹茶, powdered tea, ground tea) is a traditional Japanese green tea in powder form.

The drink is made from young tea leaves, which are processed by special technology and crushed into a bright green powder. When preparing, the powder is poured with hot water and whipped with a special whisk.

When brewed, the Matcha extract dissolves in water. The person completely drinks the prepared drink. Consequently, all the nutrients contained in tea are absorbed by the body.

How much can I drink Matcha a day?
It is recommended to drink 1-2 cups daily, so the body will get all the benefits of this green tea. It is believed that it is best for health to drink Matcha in the morning or afternoon.

Aroma: fresh, there are herbal, vegetable and sweet notes
Color: Rich, green, grassy
Taste: sweet aftertaste with a light, pleasant bitterness
Effect: the strongest antioxidant. The drink has a unique property, it reduces the aging of the body's cells, thereby prolonging the youth of a person.

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