Green with mint 50 g

The taste is tart, with the aroma of dried fruits.A simple and at the same time original blend. As a basis, Chinese green tea Gunpowder is used, which has its own aromagia - a light haze with hints of dried fruits in the aroma and a languid creamy aftertaste. Such a delicate composition is decorated with a refreshing, slightly cool taste of mint.Such a mixture of tightly twisted tea leaves and mint sprigs captivates with the tranquility of greenery. At the same time, the drink tones, refreshes and has a beneficial effect on the body - removes excess moisture and toxins. One sip is enough to understand the beauty of this fragrant composition.

Amount of tea: 1-3 g
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 85-90 C
Brewing time: 1-3 minutes

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