Sencha 50 g

Tea with the aroma of young grass and algae. This fragrance can be found on the shore of the lake - the scent of reeds, lake water and water lilies. The infusion is almost opaque, khaki-colored, turning into mustard at the edges of the cup. Sencha gives an interesting and expressive taste. It is not much like the Japanese Sencha. With bitterness and even sharpness, it is dominated by herbal motifs. A strong infusion, Chinese Sencha, gives a bitter herbal taste. The second brew is significantly different from the first: its taste is more delicate and pleasant, sweet and floral tones appear in it, as if it is already a different tea. The Chinese remake successfully repeats the taste and aroma of Japanese tea in the main features: the aroma of algae and the freshness of grass, the color of the infusion and taste. However, as always, it's all about the details, it's about the subtleties and nuances that are difficult to repeat, and they are the whole difference between teas. In general, the Chinese version is very successful and deserves attention. Many of her original taste will have to bite.

Amount of tea: 1-3 g
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 85-90 C
Brewing time: 1-3 minutes

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