Orange cookies 50 g

The velvety sweet-spicy combination of apple slices and orange peel harmoniously fits into the usual astringency of Indian tea. The unprecedented aftertaste is due to cardamom, cinnamon and calendula petals.
A small tea leaf with pieces of fruit and zest is effectively combined with the refined and refined aroma of Sicilian orange and spices.
From the first sip, a feeling of slowly spreading warmth is born throughout the body.

The worthy dark amber tone of the drink warms the soul.

Indian black tea, orange peel, apple slices, cinnamon slices, cardamom fruits, calendula petals, the aroma of Sicilian orange and spices.

Amount of tea: 2 teaspoons
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 90-98 C
Brewing time: 2-5 minutes

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