Matcha Blue 50 g

Blue matcha (Anchan Thai blue tea powder) is all the same flowers of the Triple Clitoris, only ground to the state of microns, according to the principle of technology used in the production of Japanese Matcha tea. Blue matcha or blue tea in powder form has the following advantages: tea immediately gives all its properties to water, so the drink turns out to be as concentrated as possible. Also, this blue matcha is ideal for confectionery and culinary purposes.

The exotic drink comes from Thailand, has a unique blue color and exquisite taste. The drink is completely natural, does not contain dyes and flavors, the characteristic color is obtained from the fact that blue flower buds are used during brewing.

Fragrance: light floral
Color: from blue to bright blue.
Taste: delicate and original, spicy, soft, with a pronounced aftertaste with notes of flowers and herbs.
Effect: calms, relieves stress and helps to fall asleep.

Brewing method:
The water temperature is 70-80 degrees.
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