Ginseng Oolong 50 g

Ginseng oolong is a bright and positive union of high-quality oolong and ginseng root, which is very popular in Chinese medicine. This "mix" successfully combines herbal and floral notes characteristic of light oolongs with a unique subtle aroma of ginseng. The tea has a strongly pronounced sweet taste, which turns into a deep and juicy aftertaste.

Oolong ginseng is obtained by impregnating tea leaves during their processing with concentrated ginseng juice.

This tea literally energizes, harmoniously combining the beneficial properties of oolong with the toning potential of ginseng. Regular consumption of tea increases immunity and improves mood.

Pour ginseng oolong in a ceramic gaiwani or in a glass teapot. 8-9 grams of oolong are placed on a volume of 150 ml and poured with water at a temperature of 95-100 degrees. The first tea leaves are drained. Insist for 30-40 seconds. It is important not to overdo the tea - otherwise the ginseng infusion will become too concentrated. Tea can withstand 6-7 cycles.

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