Pina Colada 50 g

The name of the popular cocktail perfectly describes the sickly-sweet taste of fruit tea, which contains only ripe pineapple, coconut, hibiscus inflorescences and currant leaves.

The harmonious combination of sunny yellow, scarlet, white and dark green is perfect for those who appreciate not only taste, but also aroma.

The fragrance and aftertaste in this fruit tea are simply not inferior to each other in the championship. Pineapple and coconut chips will give the sweetness of the tropics, and hibiscus will add a pleasant sourness. The exotic aroma of Pina Colada fits perfectly into the composition.
Tea will reward you with a sense of relaxation on tropical islands.
A light green shade pleasant to the eyes will seem light and unobtrusive.

Karkade, pineapple slices, coconut chips, currant leaves, the aroma of pina colada.

Amount of tea: 2 teaspoons
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 90-95 C
Brewing time: 2-5 minutes

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