Fruit with watermelon 50 g

A fragrant light blend based on karkade, diluted with pineapple slices, aronia fruits (mountain ash) and crushed rosehip fruits and supplemented with currant leaves and safflower petals.

The dry mixture plays with contrasts of shades of red and green.
The delicate sourness of carcade and rosehip is intertwined with the tropical sweetness of pineapple and the tartness of aronia. The aroma of watermelon fills the drink with sweet freshness.

Carcade, pineapple slices, aronia fruits, crushed rosehip fruits, currant leaves, safflower petals, watermelon flavor

Amount of tea: 2 teaspoons
Volume and temperature of water: 450 ml., 90-95 C
Brewing time: 2-5 minutes
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