Good detergent and degreasing properties. Effectively removes dirt, including coffee, oil, fat, wax and tannin residues.

Ingredients: phosphates <50%, whitening agent <30%, ethoxylates / propoxylates <5%
Purpose: cleaning automatic coffee makers and various dispensing machines from coffee oils Suitable for coffee makers produced by Saeco, Jura, Franke, Bosch, Delonghi, Kaffit, Krups, Melitta etc.
Appearance: white powder
Odor: slight characteristic
pH of 1% distilled water solution: 11

Mode of application:
  1. To clean a coffee maker, pour 5 g (1/2 teaspoon) of the product into the holder with the plug installed and insert it into the brew group. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. To service removable parts, prepare a cleaning solution: dissolve 20-60 g of powder in 1 liter of water. For the best cleaning result, use the recommended temperature of at least 40°С for the solution.
  3. Soak the detachable parts in the solution until they are completely cleaned.
  4. After cleaning, rinse with clean water.
  5. Dispose of the first portion of coffee prepared after cleaning!

Precautions: When working with the product, use skin and eye protection. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If necessary, consult a specialist doctor with a sample label

Packaging: plastic can with a screw cap
In a box: 6 cans

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place in tightly closed original packaging at a temperature between -5 and 25 °С, away from heat sources and separately from food. Keep out of the reach of children!
Guaranteed shelf life: 12 months
Item: CafeDem G21
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