Scope of application: for cleaning the millstones of coffee grinders from the remains of ground coffee and eliminating the coffee smell.
A natural remedy with effective cleansing properties for all types of coffee grinders.
The tablet form provides the ideal dosage of the cleaning agent. Timely cleaning has a positive effect on the aesthetic and performance characteristics of the equipment, ensuring flawless operation and extending the service life of the equipment.

Composition: 100% organic ingredients, binding components.

Appearance: yellowish tablet with a slight characteristic odor
pH (1% solution) = 5.5 - 6.5

Method of use:
1. Pour 30-40 g of the product into a container for coffee beans.
2. Turn on the grinding program.
3. At the end of grinding, dispose of the ground mass. If necessary, manually clean the container with a brush.
4. At the end of cleaning, grind a small amount of coffee beans (40-50 gr.) and dispose of.

Precautions: With proper handling, there are no dangerous reactions, the requirement of compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

Packaging: plastic jar with screw cap
Net Weight: 600g
In a box: 6 cans

Storage conditions: Store in a dry room in tightly closed original packaging at a temperature of -5...+25°C away from sources of heat, moisture, direct sunlight, separate from food. Keep away from children!
Warranty period of storage: 12 months
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